Sugar – What you may not know!

Let’s talk about sugar and your mouth.

This is an age old story:  Eat too much sugar and you’re bound to get cavities!  What if I was to share a twist on this idea?  What if I was to tell you that sugar alone does NOT cause cavities, but rather, sugar in the right environment causes cavities and gum disease.  The right environment includes a poor diet and medications that disrupt the Microbiome, or “Bacteria Bugs” in your gut (GI Tract).


The old science is clear: sugar + bacteria + warm/dark environment = cavities and disease.  But, this is not the whole story.  The key to understanding the fuller picture, is to understand that decay and gum disease are BACTERIAL infections.  This missing link is your immune system function and understanding that your GI houses 80% of your immune system.  Your GI Tract is key to your overall bodies immune system.  The important point to being and staying healthy, in part, is keeping the healthy “bugs” in your gut in high population.  A healthy gut is strong and robust to deal with things like cavities and gum disease, but also viruses, colds, flus, etc.  In fact, one theory out there suggests that Halloween starts the cold and flu season due to the amount of sugar consumed at the end of October, that may be connected with temporarily compromised immune system function thus allowing colds and flus to flourish.


As one prominent Bariatric Surgeon suggested, in future, The Gut Microbiome will possibly be the next major health idea to impact overall health in future.


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