Same Day Emergency Appointments

– Patients will be seen on the same day that they call
– Treatments will be done if possible
– Patients may need to come back for treatments/complete oral examination

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

– Radiographs available to assess the wisdom teeth
– Minimally invasive extractions that decrease the post-op discomfort
– Sedation options available

General Dentistry

– Restorations, crowns, root canal treatments
– Pediatric/Family Dentistry

Dental Implants

– Single tooth/bridge replacement
– Full mouth rehabilitation
– Implant supported dentures

Esthetic Dentistry

– Conservative anterior bonding technique
– Anterior veneers and crowns
– Invisalign

Oral Moderate Sedation

– Conscious sedation that provides a lot more comfort to anxious/nervous patients
– Sedation can be offered for any treatments
– Restorations, root canal treatments and extractions/implant surgeries