Same Day Emergency Appointment

We all need to go to the dentist. It’s best to stay on top of dental hygiene, which includes regular preventive care appointments. However, emergencies do happen. When a dental emergency strikes, it can be hard to get an appointment right away but not at Aurora Dental Centre.

This is where Same Day Emergency Appointments are important! If you’re in pain and can’t wait to get your tooth fixed, we offer same day emergency appointments at Aurora Dental Centre. You will be seen on the same day with a simple phone call and treatments will done if possible otherwise patients may need to come back for treatments/complete oral examination.

A dental emergency can be a scary thing, but luckily there are tools like same day emergency appointments to help you out when you need it.

General Information/Procedures

– Patients will be seen on the same day that they call
– Treatments will be done if possible
– Patients may need to come back for treatments/COE