Family Dentistry

Dental technology is always changing.   At the Aurora Dental Centre we are committed to excellence in advanced clinical skills, superior training, and state-of-the-art technology in order to provide you and your family a pleasant experience and the best care possible.

Mercury Free Dentistry

At the Aurora Dental Centre, we are conscientious about both your dental health and your overall health.  We are aware of the potential for excess exposure to mercury when removing amalgam fillings, and therefore have implemented a number of strategies for reducing the amount of mercury exposure to our patients during the removal of a silver filling.

By choosing dental materials in your mouth that are more biocompatible and less hazardous such as BPA free composite filling material and ceramic restorations, we are doing in our part in ensuring that you are receiving optimal results to compliment both your dental and overall health needs.

Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of Mercury-Free dentistry!

Orthodontics & Invisalign

Orthodontics at the Aurora Dental Centre is not just about straight teeth as the development of the face is crucial to overall health .  With the use of orthodontic appliances, traditional brackets and wires as well as Invisalign, we focus on long term correction and rehabilitation of structure, airway and overall dental health.  At the Aurora Dental Centre we look beyond the teeth and treat the whole body.  It would be our pleasure to give you or your child a consultation to see how orthodontics can help you!  Contact us today.

CEREC Dentistry

If you prefer to have your dental restorations done in one visit, without the need for uncomfortable temporaries, using a material that is stronger and more biocompatible, resulting in a precise and accurate restoration that looks like your natural enamel, then Cerec technology is for you!  Using computer assisted technology, teeth can be restored in a single visit.  One of the most important advances with using CEREC is the fact that ceramic crowns and fillings have replaced mercury and other toxic materials. By removing these from your mouth, the potential harm they can cause may be reduced.

We are excited to now have the latest CEREC technology in our office.  Contact us today to find out if CEREC is right for you!